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Lauren Schneider is passionate about storytelling through the

lens of her Nikon D800 and Pentax 35mm film cameras.  Her love

for photography and her eye for beauty in people, places, and

things has motivated her to pursue a life long quest to see the

world and to share her findings.


Having shot and traveled extensively on the continent of Africa,

Lauren has completed projects with Chevron in Angola,and with

nonprofits Musana in Uganda and East Africa Children's

Hope (E.A.C.H.) in Kenya.   


Stateside, Lauren has focused her attention on promoting the

causes of the disadvantaged.  Her major works include projects

on homelessness, alternative school systems, the after effects of

Hurricane Katrina, and most recently, an in-depth investigation on heat in Texas Prison Systems.


Lauren graduated with her Masters in Photojournalism from the University of Texas at Austin in May 2015. Previously, she lived in New York City for seven years, working as a Producer and Casting Director for Serge Nivelle Studio in lower Manhatten.  Lauren received her BA from Fordham University.  


Originally born in Texas, Lauren spent many of her childhood years in New Orleans, the place she still considers home.  She currently resides in Santa Barbara, CA with her husband, Johnny.


Asked to define her work, Lauren says, " My goal is to live and work in places where my photography can be used as a means to promote social justice and conservation as well as human rights.  Photography is about telling stories, and through my work I seek to tell the stories of the beautiful lives and cultures that are each unique."



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